Jean Marie talks about the PsyTrance phenomenon in Italy

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This Month a new interview is available on EDM Lab with one of the most influential producers of the Hard Music scene, Jean Marie. The PsyTrance producer is a veteran of collaborations with the highest reference artist of the genre, such as Vini Vici and Hilight Tribe. Jean Marie is one of the few Italian DJs who, many times, has played the scene at the Ultra Music Festival stages in Miami, and also in Europe.

Recently, we listened to Jean Marie’s latest release Valkirija on our radio show (read here).

Now it’s time to know better this fantastic guy, here on EDM Lab:

  • On EDM Lab, we love supporting the Italian talents, and you are one of these. Your music genre is PsyTrance. Could you please, tell us how your latest tracks were conceived, and how did they define the sense of your connection with this mainstreaming music genre.

Hello everyone and thank you to the EDM Lab team for supporting me in these weeks. In the last year I have worked on several productions, all generally attributable to me and the PsyTrance genre. During 2019 we pushed Gaia (released in December 2018), immediately after Dolci Pensieri and in November 2019 Moyoni, to get to today with the release of Valkirija. A long, fun but difficult journey and at the same time full of satisfactions. Obviously my friendship and partnership with Vici Vici is a constant, 2 of these 4 songs are collaborations with them and this has made me more mature and more eclectic … I remain a 360 songwriter and producer and I love different styles but , these past 2 years have made me very mature from a PsyTrance perspective. The latest productions were born from ideas and feelings, Moyoni from an obvious fusion with Vini Vici and with Hilight Tribe, Valkirija instead, from a project of mine with the Band Berserk and with Audiosonik which dates back to about 2 years ago.

  • You are one of the few Italian artists who had a place of honor at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The team of EDM lab have been lucky last year and attended to your exclusive performance. Could you please tell us more about your experience?

I believe there is no greater honor for all of us in the industry to be invited to perform at ultra or other super festivals. To tell the truth, I think it’s a kind of blessing … I think many artists deserve it, many DJs would be up to it but, in the end, unfortunately and fortunately, only a few get there. So I feel lucky, maybe I shouldn’t have been there at the beginning, I shook, I screamed, I smiled and cried … but in the end I did it, I did it 6 times in the last 3 years. I had the privilege of being confirmed at 3 ultra Miami and 3 Ultra Europe and yes, I remember when you at EDM lab were there under the stage. You ask me to tell, probably something impossible to tell in words, months of waiting, months of hope, maybe yes and maybe, and then comes the confirmation email that changes your life!


  • You are talented, and you also have a reliable and super organized supporting management, called Ancestrale. You travel around the world with your gigs and share your sound with everyone. Based on your feedback, what is the direction that you believe the EDM scene will take in the future? 

This is an awkward question today! The COVID-19 virus has now invaded the planet and with it our sector, perhaps the most affected of all. We were experiencing a golden coin for the EDM in all its nuances … now, unfortunately, we must adapt, we must be strong and enterprising, we must know how to change and adapt to the new demands of a different market. But allow me … after all we are only artists and we should do this just for pleasure and so it’s okay, as long as we hear music, we will have hope.


  • Are there artists that you would like to collaborate with, and why?

Yes, actually I would like to collaborate with Will Sparks and David Guetta. I love they so much. The first one reflect my hard side, while David represents my pop character. I love to use much of  their tracks in my dj sets. Sometime, when I meet they at the festivals I’ve been go to the dancefloor for jumping with their music.


  • One of your most recent collab with Vini Vici, called Moyoni, received the great support from “The one and only” Armin Van Buuren. We believe that this can be one of the main achievements of every DJ career. Would you like to add something more about that?

Moyoni is undoubtedly my mantra, it is that track that every producer is looking for, it is that track that every DJ would like to do … I don’t mean the track itself, I mean that production that takes you inside, that project that takes your sleep away, that melody that won’t let you sleep… Me, my team, Vini Vici and Hilight Tribe worked on it for about 18 months and then it comes! When Armin used it as opening track at AMF 2019, I was there, but I didn’t know it, nobody knew it! We started texting, none of us knew about Armin’s support … it was a dream! In the weeks that followed, we received further support from many colleagues and finally the official presentation of Armin during his ASOT… When he introduced us and mentioned my name, I was shooked, the rest is history.


  • We supported VALKIRIJA in our radio show. We believe that deserves success. What could you tell us about this track:

Valkirija has a long history, as long as the legends surrounding the Valkirje, 2 years to refine the analogical melodies recorded in the studio by the Berserkers specifically for the project … at some point, after about 7 different versions, I thought the master was not final would never have reached the publication and… since version 8th arrival, the track was finalized and immediately signed exclusively by Smash the house!

Thank you for being with us, Jean! Please, keep the Italian flag high of good music.

Davide Ippolito – CEO


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