Galfer, the Italian techno sound [Sponsored]

This month we talk about the Italian artist Alfredo Bucci, a.k.a. Galfer.

galferLike many DJs and producers, he lives two lives. One because of his passion for music, the second as an entrepreneur. Indeed, #Galfer operates in the underground as a DJ/Producer and as an entrepreneur in the luxury car sector.

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His background includes the study of several musical instruments such as piano and guitar, which fed his passion for music since he was a kid. Finally, today, he gets to release tracks entirely made by himself. So far, he has published 3 releases: Knight, Timeless, and Supernova. His genre is techno/synthwave, but we asked him a few questions to get to know him better.

Hi Galfer,

What are the artists in the electronic scene that inspire you the most? Please, elaborate.

I get most of my inspiration from Boris Brejcha, Claptone, and Tale Of Us. The reason is that I am particularly fond of their dark and minimal sound.

Like many, you live two lives, entrepreneur and DJ. So what drives you in both jobs?

Becoming an entrepreneur was a natural choice since it is not just a job but a lifestyle. About my life as a DJ and producer, I opted into this journey to set my creativity free into my biggest passion: music. It is the reason why I can live both lives. It is simply my personality split into two spheres.

If you choose a club in the world, perhaps incline toward your music genre, which one would it be?

I would love to perform at the Ibiza Beach Club in Odessa since it is a temple for techno music. All the big names in the techno scene perform there every summer.

Before we say goodbye, on September 20th, Galfer released his new album “Planet” on every digital store. The album is a concentrate on techno sound in 10 tracks. Here you can listen to it on Spotify.


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