ANDY VAN PASTOR, 10 years of music and passion [Sponsored]

While 2021 approaches its end, let’s still talk about Italian artists. Andy Van Pastor is a 27-years old DJ/Producer from Bergamo. He is also a musician, to underline how music is a life passion.

Andy Van PastorActive since 2008, Andrea Pastorelli has been influenced by many music genres worldwide, such as rock and not just electronic. Moreover, Andy has perfectioned playing instrumental music and his singing skills, refining his technique as a producer. In the last ten years, he matured many experiences. These include either performance as a musician in rock bands or as a DJ in several clubs in Milan, such as the “Hollywood,” or abroad.

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In the current music scenario, he proposed a variety of Deep House releases that you can listen to below. First, however, to get to know him better, here follows a brief interview.

Hello Andy Van Pastor,

You studied singing. Have you ever thought of producing a song as a whole, i.e., entirely written, composed, sung, and produced by you? For example, like Calvin Harris does.

Yes, realizing songs entirely produced and sung by me is my next goal. At the moment, I am working on a few tracks on an early Calvin Harris-style. I must say that there are already unreleased tracks ready, but they are more in a Pop/Rock genre.

Is there a musical genre that you would like to produce and that you have never tried for some reason? 

For example, I never produced or composed Metal tracks, despite being a fan of Heavy and Power Metal genres when I was a kid. This style also influenced me in some of my tracks. But entirely in these genres, it is something that I am still missing.

Given your Pop/Rock influences, is there a NON-EDM-artists you would like to collaborate with/produce for? 

Yes, and the list of artists, singers, and musicians, either Italians or internationals, whom I dreamed of collaborating with is quite long since. In particular, among the “geniuses” of Italian music, I would have loved to work with Franco Battiato. Since I was a kid, I have always listened to his songs, and I feel his music influenced me. But, unfortunately, this will remain a dream because of his passing away.


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