28 Below Zero: Let's discover together this young artist

A few weeks ago we launched a #giveaway to give to an emerging artist the chance to have a space on our channels together with an exclusive interview: in today’s article we meet 28 Below Zero, electronic music producer and winner of our #giveaway.

28BelowZero28 Below Zero is only 14 years old but has already made his way into the music industry thanks to an appearance in a video by the well-known producer Jonas Aden, who featured “Takeaway (28 Below Zero Remix)” inside the Aden Award. We asked the young talent some questions to find out more.




How did you started making music and when?

I started making music a little less than a year ago but have been into the EDM scene for a while now. Always loved the unique vibes. About 3 years ago, I started dj’ing but after a while I wanted to play my own songs. Of course it didn’t sound good in mix next to all these professional tracks but after lots of months of hard work, I finally felt like my tracks have been improving a lot more.

28 Below Zero it’s a really weird artist name, there is a story behind it?

I do get asked a lot why I chose 28 Below Zero and get a lot of theories behind why I chose it. Really, it’s much more simple. 28 is the day of my birthday and Below Zero is related to my love of snow sports and the mountains. I am asked a lot if I plan on staying with it and honestly I don’t know, I’m taking it by day until then. 

Which are your next step as producer? Are you planning to release something soon?

My next step as a young producer is to really reach my fullest potential. Before getting featured in the Jonas Aden video, I was making music more as a hobby but after that, it really motivated me to start taking it seriously. I’m happy to say that the months following the Jonas Aden video is for sure the fastest ive improved and am especially taking this time in quarantine to learn how to play piano and further improve my skills.  I am planning on releasing one or two tracks but am mostly experiment with future house and future bass and really am trying to be a more multi genre artist then only deep house. Of course, I will keep working on my skills, and hopefully in the future there will be some more news!

We wish the best to this young producer, for everyone else, see you at the next #giveaway!


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