EDM Lab interview with Julian Jordan

New month, new interview here on EDM Lab. This time we had a chat with young producer Julian Jordan. Young is to say, as his career is already at professional levels, experience and great releases make him a producer of great quality, let’s know him better.

Hello Julian, and thanks for being here on EDM Lab.

EDM Lab is an Italian blog about Electronic Dance Music, mainly focused on the newest releases. Here we have some questions for you.

  • At the beginning of your career, you collaborated with Martin Garrix for BFAM, and with Sander Van Doorn for Kangaroo. You were just a young music enthusiast. How did working with the most influential DJ/Producers in the world impact your life? Tell us more about your personal and professional growth after those collaborations.

JJ: When I started working with Sander van Doorn I felt like my dreams were becoming a reality! He is a DJ/producer that I had always looked up to, and when I got a call from him to work on a track together I knew I wasn’t a ‘bedroom producer’ anymore.

Working with Martin was a little different because I knew him from going to school together! We’ve always had, and still have a strong friendship which is amazing. So I think that with our collaborations it’s just two friends expressing their love for music.


  • You released music on the most important labels, from Spinnin to Revealed, and Armada. What is your favorite memory? Would you like to share some anecdotes?

JJ: Working with labels like these was amazing. It gave me the chance to see that the music business is much more than just releasing music. There are so many passionate people working at these labels and that is really motivating.

With Spinnin’ Records it started out with them sending me a direct message on Twitter saying “Send us your next track”. I thought it was fake at first haha! I was still in school back then so it was insane to be able to tell my friends that I got signed to a record label!


  • What, among your productions, do you consider your most valuable single? What are your emotions when you see people dancing and singing along?

JJ: For me it’s always my latest release, which at this moment is ‘Love You Better’.  Working with your own love is a bit strange but amazing at the same time, and I’m really proud of what we made together.


  • What is your relationship with Music Festivals? Do you enjoy them, or you feel some pressure and experience some stage fright?

JJ: I enjoy them! I’ve always been an entertainer, I used to do rap performances when I was young for kids in my class so I’ve never really been afraid to get on stage. I always knew I wanted to perform but to be playing at the festivals I’m playing nowadays is something I had never imagined.


  • It is almost ten years that you are producing music at high levels. What do you think about the EDM phenomenon? Do you foresee any direction that will become a “standard” in the next future?

JJ: I think music is constantly changing and is always making room for new genres. The electronic music scene changes really fast but also gives DJ’s/producers freedom to try stuff out and to keep reinventing themselves. To be honest, I would hate making the same stuff all the time!


  • Everything happens so fast in these last years that we can state that Music is in a “release or perish” period. Several DJ/Producers release up to one track per week, and several per month. What are your thoughts? Do you believe that quickly releasing as much music as possible will help you stay on top, or that producing less music but with higher quality is the real key for success?

JJ: It doesn’t really matter as long as you produce quality music I think. I believe in quality over quantity, but what if you can make high quality productions at a high quantity? That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment! I think that I just love to spoil my fans.


  • Would you like to play your music in Italy? If so, do you have any preferred location/city?

JJ: I’ve been to Italy a lot and I LOVE IT! That’s also because of the food haha, but mostly because the crowd is really energetic. When I played in Italy in the past, the shows were always super rock-’n-roll haha. I can honestly say that Italians know how to party!


  • Last but not least, we, EDM Lab staff, love your music style. We are huge supporters of your electro-house and progressive sound, and we are followers since your first releases. We have listened to your productions that often that we, now, consider you as part of the family. We are sure that you are working on something big. Is there anything that you would like to share with us?

JJ: I really appreciate that! Much love to you guys! All I can say is that you should keep an eye on my socials because there’s a lot more heat coming out in the near future!!


Thanks for being with us. We are looking forward to seeing you in Italy.

Translater: Giacomo Di Mauro
Intervista: Davide Ippolito
Thanks to Jaelle and Julian Jordan


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