EDM Lab Interview with Yves V

It’s time to a new great interview here on EDM Lab. This month we talk with Yves V, one of the most important european dj in the EDM scene.

Yves V is one of those must completed music artists who don’t need anything else: several position on TOP 100 DJ Mag, Tomorrowland Experience and a lot of good music. Let’s discover his new single with KSHMR and Krewella, his career and some exclusively advances for the future.

Hi Yves V, welcome to EDM Lab!

  • Since you spent last 10 years of your life in the EDM world, we can state with no objection that you have seen its birth. After 10 years why is so called EDM is still evolving. Given your experience, what do you think of the EDM today and what is the direction potentially taken?

I think electronic, dance music, as a whole has grown so much even over the past 2 – 5 years, before we even think about the past decade! Producers aren’t just making one style of music now, many make house and techno, or big-room and hardstyle, or tropical house and that isn’t seen as strange which I think is brilliant for both the fans and the artists – that is how I see it has evolved.

  • Do you believe that in the next years there will be any predominant genre?

Bass music is coming to the forefront a lot more, especially in Europe, but trance is also really coming back to which is refreshing, to see all these younger artists diving into collections and using trance melodies or these really cool vocals, it’s great to see another generations interpretation! So yes, trance, it seems!

  • We recently supported your last track in collaboration with KSHMR and Krewella in our podcast. We really love it. What makes it special for us is the return of Krewella. How did such a collaboration come out? We would love if you could share some of the details with us.

Thank you! It’s really pretty simple, I love KSHMR and his work and when we finally got the chance to pull some ideas together, we really wanted a vocal to elevate the track and well, who better than Krewella? Those girls are really amazing and I love the work that we created on this one.

  • Top100 DjMag, important festivals like “Tomorrowland”: you are a Top Dj! What are your next goals?

Ah, thank you! My goals aren’t defined by awards or polls but more “Am I happy with the music I’m making?” and “Am I making fans happy with that music?”? I want to be the most well-rounded and best performing artist I can be, and that is success to me!

  • Today the new technologies made djing and music production widespread. A huge number of new tracks are released every week. We acknowledge that the quality is not the same for all of them but in such a situation, lots of songs risk to get lost. What would you like to share with young dj producers?

Don’t follow trends, I would say that is the most important thing! Oh and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best equipment or DAWs, work with friends, share ideas, learn how to make more basic systems work for you until you find your voice! There are a lot of excellent forums, YouTube tutorials and information online from producers all over the world, I’d say do your research and practice

  • Will you be in tour anywhere in Italy this year?

Ah I’ll be playing all over the world, hopefully coming to Italy soon, I always enjoy playing to Italian crowds… and eating a lot of pizza!

  • Several of our followers are asking about what’s next. Would you like to reveal anything about your next track? Is there any new incoming collaboration?

Well I’ve just done a collaboration with Sam Feldt which is what I’ve been focusing on over Miami Music Week and beyond! I really love the feel-good, summer positivity of the track although we’re only in Spring and we had ROSEZ on vocals for us, I really liked the flavour she brought and of course, Sam is an amazing producer to be working with! Lots of new music coming throughout the Summer but the best place to keep a look out is my social media accounts. Hope to see you soon for a dance, Italy!

Thank you Yves V, we’re waiting for you in Italy! 

Interview from: Davide (EDM Lab CEO) | Collab: Giacomo Di Mauro per EDM-Lab.com

A special thanks to: Leah Connolly


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