EDM Lab interviews Kharfi, a modern Italian talent.

This month on EDM Lab is time to meet another Italian talent. Davide Kharfi started as an independent artist but thanks to his talent and high-quality productions, he is been able to create his own space in the Italian scene, playing either in small clubs or big and famous festivals such as the Nameless Music Festival.

Hi Davide, we are pleasured to have you with us on EDM Lab. You really are a rare Italian talent who deserves attention, so we would like to ask you a few questions to introduce you to our readers:

  • You started participating in contests when you were a kid, until now. Did you expect to become one of the most promising talents in Italy?

I did not expect to come out from a small context like Sesto San Giovanni and the school parties. It was 2012, then one thing leads to another and opportunities start popping up. One of the best decisions that I could have taken was trying to produce my music in 2013 after failing at school. Getting out of Milan was a blessing for me. I do not believe that I can be considered one of the best talents in Italy, but I know that I have my own goals which are more toward the rest of the world than Italy.

  • After the first productions, you had a chance of collaboration with Big Fish and to release your tracks on his label. Italians then discovered your talent with the hit “HEI BAE“. Now it is 3 years since that release came out. Speaking of these two events in your life, how can you rate their importance and what kind of feedback/changings your career experienced after?

The chance with Doner Music was great and important. The initial support allowed me to grow up, then in my home studio I created my most “quoted” hits like Hei Bae. After 4 years I started my path as an independent artist. It was stressful since you are in competition against everybody, no PROPS (backup) from any manager or booker to push you getting gigs and you are on your own: challenging! Hei Bae was huge in the Italian Dance market, but now it is time to move on and you will hear my progress in the next tracks that are coming out.

  •  Then Only One came out. Now it is about 3 millions of plays. Do you consider yourself satisfied?

Absolutely yes, it was a follow-up after more than a year. After Hei Bae, I had a lot of pressure and high expectations. This was a challenge but I learned a lot, especially about how people relate in this industry. To be honest, I am not a big fan.

When you realize that results depend on you by the 80% then you figure out how you should act. Only One was pure fresh air for me.

  • What should we expect from your next releases? Will you keep your sound or there will be changes? Lately, besides your radio edits, you released a pack of mashups more “club-oriented” that people in Italy enjoyed.

You will soon hear my new single called Don’t Waste My Time (November, 11th), a track that was born trying to remix Sexyback by Timberlake. When I realized that could have become more than just a simple remix to share on SoundCloud, I decided to find a perfect voice and so I picked the American singer Jade Million. A follow-up and an official remix are on their way too. You will soon be able to hear them.

  • Getting more into details: could you give us a spoiler on your next track?

118 BPM, both CLUB and RADIO EDITS, but still a lot of “Kharfi-style”.

  • Let’s talk about festivals. You performed several times at the “Nameless Music Festival”. What is your opinion about the new location for the next year? Will we see you performing in the 2020 edition?

The change in the location is a piece of big news and, as always happens, this will be beneficial. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes! I do not know if you will see me performing, the organizers make their decisions. “Nameless” is a stage where I always want to play.

  • Would you like to be part of a big festival abroad?

Yes, and I hope that this will happen soon.

  • Votations for the Top100 DJMAG just ended. In your opinion, what Italian artist should get into this chart? You can talk about who you did vote for if you would like to share this with our audience.

Given the fact that this is a chart that is tied to 4/4 beat, 128 bpm, and management, it is crazy how come Angemi is not in it yet! I would have voted for him since he puts all of himself every year. Unfortunately, I did not make it in time to vote for him this year.

  • Thanks again for your availability. We hope to see you playing soon in Sicily. Many of your fans are waiting for this to happen! 

Dang! I hope so!! It is years that I am waiting for a call! aha

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