Best of #BigRoom 2019 – #WhoNeedsBigRoom?

This 2019 comes to an end and brings with it a musical decade that has seen the EDM engrave its acronym in the book of music. Whether it’s finished or transformed, Electronic Dance Music has made millions of fans all over the world dream, dance, and jump, and it has branched out as far as I can go.

One of the genres that since 2013 has been among the most in vogue, probably born from the young talent Martin Garrix, is the BigRoom: a movement that exploded thanks to “Animals” of the young talent of Spinnin Records.

The BigRoom, in our view, was born for the need to give an extra gear to the phenomenon of music #EDM (which in the period 2010/2013 was pure #ProgressiveHouse and ElectroHouse) and make it land in music festivals around the world. Let’s put it this way: we needed something that during a DJ set at a festival would give people the energy to interspersed with Electro/Progressive drops, that would make them jump!

The straight bass drum from the hardstyle, vocals, and melodies #progressive, and the nastiness that releases energy with each drop together for the new EDM subgenre called #Bigroom.

To date, this genus is on the verge of extinction, probably dominated by #PsyTrance and related genres that have developed the most in recent years. But there are still a few producers who hold the flag for this music genre, to name a few: the Blasterjaxx, Hardwell, Olly James, W&W, Ummet Ozcan.

EDM Lab wanted to celebrate all the BigRoom releases during this 2019 by updating its dedicated playlist week by week, extracting from the #releases of the Best of Today #Release, one or more records of the BigRoom genre and inserting them in the Spotify playlist. #WhoNeedsBigRoom?

But we wanted to top ourselves: this year, we made another selection and gave you an hour-long podcast with the best #BigRoom tracks of 2019 mixed by us! Dedicated jingles and a single vocal intervention all in English to reach the ever-growing EDM Lab audience.

Enough talk, it’s time to push play and turn up the volume! Choose your player: ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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