Best of the Year #Release [2017]

From was born ( but also first that with old name and website) every week we’ve inform with BestOfToday #Release through our social facebook and twitter  and by the newborn canale Telegram channel ( Now for the first time since we “collect” #releases, we want to publish our personal and final document which cointains all the best tunes released in 2017. 

The tunes are divided for Release Date: in most of the weeks, tracks were released on Friday, because from many year ago, that is the selected day for new music, but can be possible found tracks released also on Monday, if these are very rilevant tracks

The list was made by our personal taste, a lot of these tracks become hit or go in HighRotation on the radio around the worlds, something are a simple track who don’t have any success. On this list you can find also EP releases, album and many Radio Date by #EDM (Progressive, FutureHouse, Electro, Trance, Moombathon, FutureBass and more) and #PopDance. All #Release are checked and officially based on the italian online stores or other stores around the world. Our Mission it’s creating a little archive for future using.

Forget one? We’re ready to include in our list, it’s possible we missed some tracks, we are human! So you can send e-mail with tracks we’re missed using our Contact form. Please be very tecnical, including release date, label and url we’re the tracks can be buyed. Also using email object ‘List Update #Release2017’.

So, that’s all: here the .txt document available for downlod from our DropBox account, Click Here For Download!



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