Avicii: our memorial Top Ten Playlist

AviciiThe EDM Movement should only be linked to the slow motion of joyful events. But today, everyone would gladly hit the skip button. However, our only choice is to live at 1x speed. We want to do this by paying tribute to a fundamental protagonist that passed away two years ago. We remember that on April 20, 2018, the passing of Avicii heartbroken the whole world. (Here our article about his brilliant career.)

But a tragic event cannot blur the memory of millions of hands raised a million times in the air. Time flows, but Tim Bergling keeps living in his fans, his loved ones, and anyone that worked with him. His music continually revives his presence in whom would like to see him performing as a DJ again.

To confirm this, there are posthumous tracks and album “TIM,” released in 2019. These demonstrate that the power of music can counteract and defeat death’s absoluteness.

The aim of today’s article is the same as April 20, 2019’s article: honoring Avicii through his music. For this event, EDM Lab’s staff decided to dedicate a tribute playlist that gathers some of the most evocative songs.


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