Avicii: what if he were still “alive?”

On the 20th of April, like every year, EDM Lab remembers the passing of one of the artists who wrote an important chapter in the EDM history, Avicii. But this year, we want to do it with a different article. So, we asked ourselves some questions. However, to answer them, we began a digression on the historical cycles and our vision of the music business.

If Avicii were still here, how would his career be going? More importantly, if Avicii were never passed, what contribution would he give to the EDM music today? What impact would his music have today in the music business?

We have to go back to the first real successes of Avicii to answer. Tim has been able to innovate when the music needed an innovation. In those years, the Electro House was the prevailing genre. After a while, it needed to be renewed. Moreover, Avicii continued to innovate also during the Big Room era.Avicii

Tim Bergling elevated the electronic music by wisely using the melody. The melody is an immortal element that can enchant, attract, fascinate, convey sensations, and ecstatic emotions in people’s heads.

If Avicii were still here in 2022, he would probably be on the top of the charts. But let’s pay attention to the current music business. Currently, EDM music does not have a prevailing genre. Today, the hardest genres dominate. These genres lack real melodic and harmonic progressions. The Tech House and the Techno music became more modern. For this reason, the Melodic Techno music continues to succeed, and the Future Rave arrived at the right time.

However, if Avicii never passed away, he would not oppose the changes in the music business. Therefore, we believe that today, Tim would do wonderfully well with his music without being stylistically influenced by what’s going on in the industry.

As happened in the past with Avicii, we can expect a comeback of the melodies in the future. History teaches us that after promoting the essential elements and the rhythm, the business will return to something softer but energetic, something melodically iconic. If Avicii were still with us, the rebirth of the melody would probably not begin with him. Instead, he would probably be a wingman to someone we still don’t know, someone we are waiting for: the next Tim Bergling.

After giving voices to our thoughts, we are now ready to silently pay tribute to such a great artist with our articles from the previous years. (HERE and HERE). So, goodbye, Tim; we greet you with the playlist dedicated to you a few years ago.


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