Ultra Peru Mainstage Crushed All Expectations this year

The immense draw of attendees from countries around the world, Ultra’s energy is immensely palpable. When you add in their jaw-dropping stage designs, like those of the Ultra Peru Mainstage and RESISTANCE, the environment is set for a truly electric time.

The Ultra Peru 2023 Mainstage is 100% made from pure high technology created with passion by the only one Richard Milstein the creator of Masterful Designs of Ultra Music Festivals and RESISTANCE. From idea to sketch to technical design, has invented, drawn and brought the magical stage with diagonal diamonds, perfectly forming an epic scenario from side to side.

The 1st edition of Ultra Peru revolves around new designs of being wider, more lights on the sides and original geometrical shapes.

When it was time to hop over to the Ultra Main Stage, and I was in complete awe of the stage design this year.

This Main Stage designs is the largest electronic music built here for Ultra Worldwide brand. The LED panels, bright lights, and lasers came together beautifully, adding to the experience for both artists and anyone who came into the vicinity. This stage is simply something that you have to witness for yourself.

Mykris, Timmy trumpet, Oliver Heldens and Jay de Lys and Marshmello dominated the Main Stage heading into night one, incorporating big room, tech house, techno, future rave, dubstep and everything under the sun for a remarkable set making feeling refreshed to hear pure best electro bumping through the speakers as well. It has been truly gratifying to see the sounds making their way to the forefront of the scene.

The energy and visuals at Ultra Peru is unlike anything I’ve experienced at other festivals.

The big LEDs, the perfect visuals matched to the rhombuses and the big U, were everything! The best thing of the night to see a show from end to end. DJS tried to make each rhombus have a unique design, an image – video that fit perfectly.



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