The Ibiza 500 Top Chart by “One World Radio”

At EDM Lab, we are used to talking about radio and charts. So, also this year we recommend you to listen to “The Ibiza 500” chart by One World Radio, the official radio of Tomorrowland. This chart will celebrate the most beautiful songs of Ibiza of all time!

Last year, Free by Ultra Natè reached first place. In these latest weeks, we listened to many remakes of this song on our Radio Show.

From the 22nd to the 26th of August, the godfather of One World Radio, Adam K, will conduct a roundup of a hundred daily tracks during the radio show. It will be the perfect occasion to listen again to the history of the music which transformed Ibiza into a unique place in the world. The show will be on air from 12 to 18 (CET). From the 19, Ben Malone will be at the console of One World Radio. He will purpose his Ibiza Sunset Mix. Afterward, Celebrate The Ibiza 500 with Greg Jake. It is another appointment that tells facts and curiosities about the Ibiza 500 tracks.

You can follow these appointments thanks to the App or the official website. If you are in Ibiza, you can tune on 94.1 FM.

The vote for Ibiza 500 is open now:

The Ibiza 500





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