Second Skies festival 2020 by Porter Robinson


It’s now official that Second Skies will take place on May 9th.


Well, Secret skies Porter Robinson’s festival will take place in this latest weekend of quarantine, and will be called Secret Sky. Porter has already published the whole line up wherein stands out names like the obvious Madeon (loyal of Porter). Also an enjoyable San Holo, in addition to specially selected artists by the American DJ/producer.

To take part in the live streaming, you will have to register at the following link:

You have to give your name, phone number, and e-mail to be contacted through a link just before of live streaming’s beginning (the estimated time is still secret, we only know that will take place with American timezone).

The name “Secret” fully suits with this festival, because two days apart is still veiled in mystery. For example, we don’t know if the protagonist Porter Robinson will perform with his alias Virtual Self, or if he will listen to his “Nurture” album Coming Soon announced after  Get Your Wish and Something Comforting releases.

We will keep you updated on more news on Secret Skies.


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