Robin Schulz, every Thursday at Pacha in Ibiza

Among the many residencies of the Ibiza summer, which we also documented for you in our Ibiza Party Guide 2024, is that of Robin Schulz at Pacha.

Robin Schulz IbizaStarting May 9, the Thursday of one of the island’s most iconic venues will in fact come alive with a performance by Germany’s most awarded artist ever. Author of incredible hits and winner of more than 800 music awards.

The event will be called ‘Pure Pacha‘ and will feature a journey into the futuristic realm of art, music and fashion; where dimensions merge and musical styles transcend boundaries. There will be an eclectic mix of the best tunes and DJs from around the world. At the heart of this fantastic experience, as we said there will be Robin Schulz which will be accompanied by a different roster of artists each week.

As we know, Pacha parties are not just a party, but something that represents an unparalleled experience, so we suggest you grab your tickets now from here.



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