“Qlimax The Source”: Q-Dance keeps the standard high

After the big success of the “Home Online Festival” of Defqon1, Q-Dance is ready to transform, again, the living room of your home into a camping festival. Q-Dance is the most popular organizational association of electronic music events, and the Qlimax is its leading festival. Recently has been announced that on the 28th of November will take place a unique and innovative digital experience: “Qlimax the Source.”

Q-dance_logo_2018It will be an unprecedented event, not the same live streaming festival you have already seen during 2020. The audience will take part in multimedia and sensory journey, divided into six steps. An hour will take place in a succession of various and uniques worlds, places, and scenarios.

Every chapter of the journey contains its specific soundtrack, produced by the Hardstyle scene’s most influential artists. At the end of this journey is planned a three-hour Dj Set, which will take part the artists who have produced the soundtrack.

The tickets are available for some weeks by now, at the cost of 9,95€. The detailed information about the beginning of the event, the preparations, the timetable, and the line-up are available on live.q-dance.com and on the social channels of Q-Dance.

“In these challenging times, we want to offer our fans an innovative Qlimax experience with something that is allowed at the moment. Qlimax The Source takes the viewer on a journey to a new reality, a world where hardstyle, film, and show techniques come together. Fueled by the mystical atmosphere Qlimax is known for, we create a home experience that takes people on a true hardstyle trip.” – Daan Jansen, Show & Art Director of Q-dance.


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