Nameless X Samsara for a safe Ferragosto

It is known that life has been tough on festivals and, more in general, on all the live music events during 2020. The global pandemic forced many worldwide organizations to change their plans, either canceling or transforming their events into virtual experiences to fulfill all the safety requirements.

Nameless first postponed, then canceled and rescheduled the festival entirely to 2021 (we mentioned it here).

Thanks to a partnership with Samsara® and Praja, two events took place in Riccione and Gallipoli, respectively, on 15 August and 13 August. Among the names in the roster Benny Benassi, Edmmaro, PRZI, Nicoiba e Micheal Milazzo (and a few surprise guests like Rudeejay).


EDM Lab attended in Riccione during the Ferragosto, and we are happy with our decision!

During the day of 15 August, the news was already out. Starting from the day after, all the clubs will be shut down, despite the previous law allowed if masks were on and social distancing could be respected.

At Samsara®, the use of masks was mandatory, and the club enforced it. Good examples came from all the vocalists and DJs, protecting themselves and the others.

Thus, we feel to congratulate the organization that acted responsibly, allowing safe fun for all at the Nameless.

*Here is the crowd at Samsara® vs. the public outside Samsara® *


Since 16 August, besides lunch/dinner services, the management of Samsara® was proactive enough to reinvent services such as Lounge or aperitif with live DJ Sets. They did respect the rules, but as usual, they paid for those who did not.

We only need to wait for this period to be over.


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