Mysteryland plans to became the First Music Festival powered by the sun in 2023

Mysteryland, The Dutch festival will run almost entirely on locally-generated green grid power, powered by the sun in 2023.

Next year, approximately 80% of the festival’s power consumption will consist of green grid power, while the remaining 20% will primarily consist of flexible, sustainably-generated energy. Mysteryland will enter a new phase of sustainable planning for its 30th anniversary in collaboration with the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, Recreatieschap Spaarnwoude, and ID&T Group to have devised a special plan to supply energy to the festival, with electricity cables being dug deep into the ground and can contribute to a more sustainable festival and substantially lower CO2 release.

Mysteryland both strive for innovation and sustainability. Local, green electricity will be supplied by the local energy company Tegenstroom, which supplies 100% locally generated solar power produced by entrepreneurs in the Haarlemmermeer region.

The Mysteryland Green Grid Power initiative on this scale is not only unique for the Netherlands, but is exceptional for the rest of the world as well planning to became the first Music Festival powered by the sun in 2023.


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