#HeldensEverywhere, the new streaming experience

On October 1, Oliver Heldens will make the difference again with another sensational live streaming #HeldensEverywhere. The pioneer of the #FutureHouse genre has already shown us his spectacular streaming with the concert at the Royal Concertgebouw (we talked about it here).

Oliver HeldensThe event will be an interactive journey that will catapult Oliver Heldens within 6 different movie sets, clearly, in a completely virtual way. This event will show fans how Oliver Heldens is a complete artist, who proves not only her console skills but also her creativity at extreme levels.

Streaming events are also a great way to raise funds for charitable activities. During the COVID period, Oliver has raised over $70,000 to convert into research and support. #HeldensEverywhere will be live next October 1 on Cadenza.tv and will be a paid event, costing $11.99. There is also the possibility of receiving an autographed poster if you choose the VIP ticket.

More Info, Hours and Purchase Tickets from HERE

In short, the new frontier of online festivals is also a good way to do good!




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