“Pomegranate DJ Challenge” by Deadmau5 & Beatsource

PomegranateFollowing the release of Pomegranate, latest track by Deadmau5 in collaboration with The Neptunes, June 26 started, in partnership with Beatsource, the “Pomegranate DJ Challenge”. Beatsource Link is a service that allows DJs to organize their playlists containing the tracks that they will use during their next show.

This challenge is an amazing opportunity for DJs all around the world to show their mixing skills. Anyone who wants to partecipate must make a video playing Pomegranate, unleashing his creativity and showing his talent as a DJ. At the end of the contest, will be selected the three most creative, funny and innovative ideas.

The winner will receive a $2,000 Apple gift card. The second-placed and the third-placed will receive an annual free subscription to Beatsource LINK.

To take part you need to post the video in your Instagram feed. The upload must last at most one minute, and must include @beatsourceofficial and @deadmau5  tags, and the #PomegranateDJChallenge hashtag.

The end of the challenge is set on July 8 at 11:59 p.m . Winners will be announced on July 15 by Beatsource e Deadmau5.


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