David Guetta wrote the history once again

Like everybody knows, a few weeks ago, one of the most epic events, “United At Home,” occurred in live streaming.

We are, of course, referring to the live DJ set by David Guetta in the residential neighborhood of Brickell in Miami. (click here to watchUnited at home

The live event, held in an exclusive location, had the purpose of entertaining the entire world but, especially to fundraise for the COVID-19 research, and to donate food to associations such as Feeding America & Feeding South Florida. With more than 25 million views, Guetta gathered 720,000$ and given more than 2,800,000 food rations. The great French artist wrote another historic moment.

Even after the United at Home event, donations are still on and accepted on https://davidguetta.com/donate.

Will this be the next horizon for music entertainment in the upcoming months?


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