Carl Cox won’t be at the Ultra Music Festival.

One of the most important events of the year is coming up: the Ultra Music Festival (we talked about it here).

Carl Cox

As usual, the event lineup is super exclusive, but we know well that Ultra Miami usually hosts many artists. The same ones who have made this festival a big event over the past 20 years, so their presence every year is almost guaranteed. One of them is definitely Carl Cox.

The underground godfather is kind of the godfather of Ultra, especially of the RESISTANCE stage, but the bad news is that, with a statement on social media, the American DJ announced that he will be skipping the 2024 edition.

Although I’ve loved playing at Ultra Miami 19 times over the past 22 years, I won’t be making it this time as I’m taking the opportunity to play at some incredible events around the world. But don’t worry – I’m cooking up something extra special for my headlining set at Ultra Music Festival 2025, where we will be celebrating their massive 25th anniversary!

I will definitely miss seeing you all there this year, but I’m happy to announce you will be able to catch me at RESISTANCE Miami at M2 on the 3rd of May…more to come on that soon!

In short, Mr. “Oh Yes Oh Yes” chooses to travel the world for once instead of attending the Downtown Miami festival, but he will still be present at M2 in Miami on May 3rd, and he assures that he will be there for the 2025 edition of Ultra Miami, especially since it will be an important anniversary.


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