Will.I.Am & Mercedes-Benz: create your music while driving!

We often encounter unique music innovations, often complemented by unconventional partnerships between brand leaders and leading artists of the music world. Will.I.AMG is the perfect example, it is the partnership between Will.I.Am & Mercedes-Benz.

The popular German car brand, with the technical support of the Black Eyes Peas’ leader, is ready to launch a new interesting innovation: the MBUX Sound Drive function on board a part of their car fleet.

The Sound Drive represents the future of entertainment and the In-Car interactive musical experience. It will allow users to compose their music and the soundtrack of their lives while driving their cars. This system allows for sync of the driving actions, matching physical movements done while driving to specific sounds, pre-existing, synthesized at the moment, and mixed in real-time. Accelerating, braking, slowing down, changing gear, steering, stopping, and starting again, Mercedes-Benz owners will be able to create their compositions thanks to this orchestra on the road.

Moreover, these four-wheel artists will join an open platform in which, with their creations, they can contribute to the creation of a database of driving scenarios and soundscapes.

Sound Drive, announced recently, should be released as an update near the middle of the year. The update will be available for a selected range of cars whose software specifications match the system architecture.

In the video below, Will.I.Am explains to us more details about MBUX Sound Drive!


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