TCHAMI, debut album coming soon

Tchami, forerunner of the future house genre (although slightly different from how we know it now) has provided a solid foundation to the world EDM, collaborating with the big names in the industry such as Diplo, Skrillex, Oliver Heldens e Mercer. It’s really surprising though Tchami hasn’t released a studio album in years.

Apparently, though, things are about to change.

Tracks as Promesses and Adieu have played a not insignificant role in fortifying the legacy of Tchami (true name Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso) towards the musical genre. As announced on twitter, in no uncertain terms, dj / producer francese

Tchami therefore reveals that the first debut album will arrive very soon. It will be an album with very high pretensions; with the idea of renewing a genre very dear to us, the EDM, as in fact it already did in the past.

But that’s not all, to anticipare l’album whose release date is still top secret, there are two singles that will be contained in it. Tchami has just released Proud, a deep house track, beautiful!

and Ghosts , a song with indie dance sounds very sought after in the last period.

Waiting for the new album, let’s enjoy these first tracks with a spectacular sound.


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