Rihanna will be Smurfette in the movie

One of the most iconical cartoons, the Smurfs, uses Rihanna‘s voice.

rihannaThe singer from Barbados will indeed be Smurfette, the female Smurf created by the Magician Gargamel to create a mess in the Smurfs’ village. Until she arrived at the town, there only were male Smurfs.

In the beginning, she has black hair and follows the instructions given by the evil magician who put a stone in place of her heart, but Papa Smurf will help her become good. So, Rihanna will be Smurfette’s voice for the new Smurfs movie. For the occasion, she will write new songs for the film.

The movie still does not have an official title, but we know it will be released in theaters in the US on 14 February 2025.


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