Might you be the next Dash Berlin? …Probably!

All of us would desire to take our passion for electronic music to the next level. Everyone would love to turn one’s passion into a job.

Dash BerlinHowever, we have often quitted our dreams, because “One in a thousand has to be successful. ” Indeed, we admire our favorite artists exactly for their determination.

But, maybe, this might be the chance of your life…

Let’s not get too excited about it! The chance to become the new Dash Berlin‘s frontman is quite distant.

A few days ago, Dash Berlin announced that they are looking for a new frontman as a substitute for Jeffrey Sutorius. On the 17th of March, he definitively lost the lawsuit for the use of Dash Berlin’s alias (we talked about it here). This story has gone on for years. All of us hoped it could finish differently.

Anyway, if you want to apply, you have to send a message to Dash Berlin’s socials.

The EDM Lab team wishes you good luck!


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