Mission: Home – The big challenge of Ultra Music Festival

Also this year the Ultra Music Festival organizing committee has confirmed the initiative entitled “Mission: Home” dedicated to the safeguard of the territory.

Already of the 2019 edition, moved to Virginia Key (as we documented in our report),

the attention to pollution and the surrounding area had been publicised by far with this initiative. Virginia Key in fact, is a small island reached by a bridge and completely surrounded by wild nature.

For the 2020 edition UMF comes back to Bayfront Park, historic home of the Miami festival and renews the important commitment to pollution prevention and conservation of the natural landscape even if you are in the city center. Climate change has become a more serious problem in recent years.

During the festival, participants will learn about the wildlife and ecosystem of Biscayne Bay and how to protect it. Also, during the event, the most hardened smokers will receive free pocket ashtrays, we also received one last year:

The main Mission of the event called Leave No Trace (leave no trace) is the collection of recyclable objects that, if given to the insiders, can turn into incentives/awards. There will be a dedicated area called “Eco Village” where waste can be “transformed”.

The organization is also working with industry experts on noise mitigation to reduce the much talked about noise pollution that, in addition to the wildlife, “disturbs” the inhabitants (?) of downtown Miami…

It is very stimulating to see, therefore, a great festival undertake such actions to protect and safeguard the environment. Ultra Music Festival will announce more information shortly. However, for all further news we invite you to follow our social media.

For the statistics nerd, HERE the 2019 report of the collection and protection of the territory.


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