Martin Garrix reaches again 1 billion streams on another single

He’s the dance recordman, and also the first Dutch artist to have reached 1 billion streams on Spotify. The first Garrix’s billion track is the extremely popular ‘In The Name Of Love‘ and now he’s ready to double his record.

Indeed, Martin Garrix is taking home a new prize, after reaching one billion streams on Scared To Be Lonely, made with Dua Lipa.

Martin Garrix: “It’s crazy to have another one of my songs hit one billion streams on Spotify! ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ is a song very close to my heart. Even though the song has been released quite some time ago, it’s amazing to see that so many people are still listening to it.”

Martin GarrixScared To Be Lonely, released on January 2017, represents the Martin Garrix Pop-Dance style. The song is considered the follow up of the above mentioned In the name of love, who made him known to the commercial radios and to the people who had never attended an electronic music festival before.

This is an amazing goal, adding up to other twelve Top10 all around the world, over fifteen platinum records and many other primates. If you want to know which are the other songs that reached the 1 billion goal on Spotify, you can visit our Top 10.


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