Our 5 choices for Top 100 DJ Mag

As every year, we always leave for the last days of the vote our choice for the famous TOP 100 DJ MAG.

This year we want to be detailed and give you our reasons too. Hoping not to arouse controversy among readers but only a healthy confrontation and a free choice. We invite you to share your top5 with its motivations in the comments field at the end of the article.

1 – Armin van Buuren – There has been no alternative for many years. It’s the only dj/producer able to excel in every field: live, tour, radio, edit, release. His being strangely human is extraordinary. Beyond whether you like trance or not, there is no better example of #1 in the world. Only this year we at EDM Lab have seen him live, a few meters away, about 6 times of which two were clearly unprepared dj sets. His experience dictates the law, making the performances of the djs who proceed in line up vain, always.

2 – Avicii – It’s an almost necessary tribute. Tim, the last album released after his death, testifies to the absolute excellence and the extra-ordinary vision. An artist that the musical world (not only edm) needed and that now will regret. We are sure that Avicii will remain in the charts and in the hearts of many people for many years to come, her music is immortal.

3 – ILLENIUM – His humble debut at the Ultra has literally spread us, the colossality of his performances and music is an incipit of career that few artists can have. Illenium has earned its fame and deserves to be among the big despite the problems announced at the beginning of the year in a letter to his fans.

4 – Nicky Romero – Remaining faithful to an endangered genre is something not everyone does. If this is done against the interests of the music market, it gives it an even higher value. Our reference for the #Progressive is Nicky Romero. Guarantee of absolute musical quality, without releasing one track per week. It’s probably one of the least valued big names with a number one importance.

5 – Nora En Pure – Another one that earned its fame thanks to its music. Two years in Miami, from Worldwide to Mainstage, 60 minutes of pure musical essence. Among the most mystical experiences of our lives. The extraordinary ability to make a dj set with fully instrumental music in front of the most demanding audience in the world, at 4 pm. Lots of liver, lots of beauty and lots of good music. His radioshow is finally one of the most relaxing experiences of the week, a firm point.


That’s all, Davide – CEO EDM Lab


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