Is KOPPY the new Robin Schulz’s alias?

A few weeks ago, among Friday’s releases (read about it here), we noticed Robin Schulz followed by “Pres.” The most knowledgeable will know that when an artist launches an alias, at least at the early stages, both full names are in the credits. This allows fans to understand who is behind a side project.

Robin Schulz recently presented an alias named KOPPY. The song is Atlantis, which sounds slightly different than the usual sound the German producer had so far. Returning to the alias, KOPPY seems to be an unknown entity, almost ideal. Presented as a purple-haired cat dressed as a rapper from the 2000s.

But let’s reevaluate. Atlantis does not represent the first appearance of such an alias. Robin already used this nickname to remix some of his songs, such as Sugar, one of his most significant records from the past. But also the more recent Rockstar Baby and Juliet.

Did you notice anything unusual? If it did not come to your mind, we would reveal it to you: all songs signed by KOPPY are in a Speed Up (or Sped Up) key, i.e., a faster version with a pitched vocal, just like the most recent trends want.

Is this an alias dedicated to a specific type of remix? It could be. Another curiosity is that in Atlantis, KOPPY shows himself in flesh, bones, and… hair for the first time! So, for the first time, we see his “face.”


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