Karol G and Tiësto, Copyright Infringement on Rene Lorente’s song?? [Explanations]

Karol G and Tiësto are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over their song “Don’t Be Shy,” filed by a Cuban-American songwriter ‘Rene Lorente’ who says their track features elements that are “practically identical” to his earlier tune.

In a complaint filed in Puerto Rico federal court seeking a whopping $3 million dollars, lawsuits can claim any damages total they want, lawyers for songwriter Rene Lorente claim that Karol G and Tiësto’s 2021 dance-pop hit infringed his 2000 song “Algo Diferente” by using a melody that “sounds identical”.

According to Lorente’s lawyers, a comparison of the two songs shows that they are “substantially similar” and “for a lay listener and a jury, this combination of musical notes sounds identical”.

The songwriter and Original Song!

They are not similar, just identical, so it could be in the presence of a copyright infringement, by Rene Lorente, arguing violation of his moral and patrimonial rights. They did not give him his work as co-author of Dont Be Shy, in this case they did not give him royalties FOR HAVING USED his melody, but something that is very interesting about Rene’s melody, is that it shows a similarity to an older song of another genre ‘Volvera El Amor’ by Lupita D’Alessio. In that case, the author ‘Gilberto Mejía Higuera’ could sue everyone for having plagiarized his melody, first in time and in rights.

Tiësto & Karol G collab similar to Daft Punk sounds???

Also don’t forget that Daft Puk could have sued Karol G for sampling ‘Aerodynamic’. Thoughts? WAS IT PLAGIARISM OR NOT?


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