ILLENIUM and ETNA eruption according to a Reddit user

The story we are about to tell you is incredible, so arm yourselves with so much imagination and read the following article with that “good” doing of an avid fan, in this case of ILLENIUM.

Here are the facts: Friday, July 19, the volcano “ETNA” located in Sicily, Catania, among other things our land of origin, gave a show with an eruption of incandescent lava throughout the night. We ourselves (EDM Lab) went to one of the villages at the foot of the volcano to admire the show that “Mamma Etna” (so the people of Catania call her) wanted to give us. Here is a personal photo of us taken that evening: (click on the image to enlarge it) ↘ ↘ ↘

You’ll wonder at this point:

“what does the eruption of a volcano have to do with EDM music, much less with ILLENIUM?”

Have you armed yourselves with fantasy? Then read here:

The reddit u/Porodicnostablo user liked to associate the eruption of the volcano Etna with a graphic representation of a Phoenix as well as the iconic symbol of the famous American producer ILLENIUM. Writing in his post on reddit

“Illenium’s album advertisements are getting out of hand”.

It’s a bit like the eruption was meant to be an Illenium music promotion. Funny, isn’t it? (click on the image at the bottom to enlarge it).

The post quickly became viral among fans of the American producer. Over 1600 views in a few hours and 630 comments on Reddit. And not even on purpose, a new album by ILLENIUM is coming soon, we talked about it HERE (italian article).

Closed the fanciful parenthesis, we just have to enjoy the show of the Etna Volcano and remind you that in a few days, right on that volcano, there will be one of the most important EDM music festivals in Sicily, at an altitude of 2200 meters, right next to the incandescent lava that seems to represent the phoenix of Illenium. Etna Music Festival awaits you!



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