The Vicetone’s “Astronomia” remix achieved 4 platinum and 1 gold certifications

The Dutch duo Vicetone, as you know, in 2014, produced and published the remix of “Astronomia” by the Russian DJ and producer Tony Igy. In the latest hours, it conquered four platinum and one gold certification.

The remix of “Astronomia” by Vicetone became famous thanks to the E’ “Coffin Dance” meme, a video in which a group of Ghanaian pallbearers dance with a coffin on their shoulders with the rhythm of this song. The video and the track became viral.

We explained HERE the story about the meme and the meaning of the dance.

During the pandemic, the remix became viral on TikTok. Users used every kind of video clip in combination with the track. Now, the remix by Vicetone has reached the deserved certifications.


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