The Goa club in Rome will be closed after 26 years

The historical Goa club in Rome, after 26 years, has come to the end of its activity. The club of the Italian capital city announced the permanent closure, due to the lost revenues, for the 8th of November. Therefore, this will be the end?

Il Goa club chiude dopo 26 anni di musica e sperimentazione, verrà demolito il prossimo 8 novembreNo, it will not be the end. The owners will demolish the club, but they want to continue their activity. They will build a new version of the Goa Club in a new location. The new club will be modular. It will host DJs and live bands. In addition, in these new spaces, there will also be exposition rooms and recording studios.

The new Goa club, will give new emotions to all the lovers of the EDM world.


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