Deadmau5 and Dr.Kucho launch a video game to fight fake djs

Joel Zimmerman well known as Deadmau5 is a record producer always looking for new stimuli to try to find variety within his musical works. And it is precisely this variety that is currently channeling him into a very particular project: recently Deadmau5 is  collabbing with Dr. Kucho! to complete the release of a new video game called Ghosts’n Djs that will be released next February 6, 2020.

The Ghosts’n Djs themeit’s gonna be hilarious, Zimmerman style. The players’ mission is to save dance music from the “fake DJs” who brainwashed the dancefloor audience. During the journey, as Zimmerman adorned with his famous mau5 head, you will face bosses of a certain musical level such as: Paul E. Douchebag, Devil Goata, Steve Karaoki, Paris Sheraton e Pete Bullshit.

Ghosts’n Djs will be launched free of charge on the Steam gaming platform and developers through the proceeds will help people with disabilities to enjoy video games and music. Dr. Kucho! will also donate three tracks as part of the game’s soundtrack.



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