Don Diablo launches “Art of Djing” web series

Don Diablo takes advantage of the critical moment, the closure of many clubs around the world and launches a new series of videos on youtube in which proposes his skills in console. Art of Djing 

everal DJs, clubs and institutions in the nightlife world have been working lately to create home made entertainment, where homemade is not unprofessional, on the contrary. Musical proposals worthy of note and sometimes spectacular as in the case of the new project of Don Diablo. Art Of DJ’ing 001

Live in his home, even if in reality it seems to be on a spaceship, Don puts on 4 CDJs and a mixer and launches a djset full of hits and personal preferences and he does it delighting the audience with special effects and a mix in which he shows all his skills to the console, not a classic festival djset in short.

A nice initiative that will soon involve many big according to our forecasts. The current emergency COVID-19 forces us to stay at home, the need for fun and music at all costs drives many of us, including the big Don Diablo, to come up with new ways to entertain and have fun. Well done Don!



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