Don Diablo sold his NFT for $1,2million

Right after the debut at the Miami Art Basel art fair, Don Diablo has immediately sold his second NFT – HΞXHIBIT III – in collaboration with the famous auction house for $1.2 million. The much-coveted NFT has been sold with MOCO museum to the famous collector 33NFT, and it will be visible at the Amsterdam Museumplein on 9th 10th December 2021

“Digital art has been disapproved for many years, but if there is something great that the pandemic has brought us, it is the birth of a digital renaissance. Collectors from all over the world are finally starting to understand the value of this new art form.

HΞXHIBIT III is one of the most ambitious NFT ever put on the market. In fact, once inside, this NFT will offer an exclusive look at the MetaVerse, which Don has been building since the start of the pandemic. It contains a mysterious object that looks like a combination of a spaceship and a futuristic portal. Don Diablo has taken his art to a higher level, creating the desired collectible.



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