Don Diablo lands in theater with his music

When we talk about Don Diablo, we are dealing with a well-rounded artist. But, this time, the latest skill added to his resume is the theatrical one. This Fall, Don Diablo will take part in some theatrical shows thanks to his music.

Forever YoungThe Fourmation Entertainment will stage a modern-day love story between superstar Liam Nova and his talented childhood sweetheart Julia. The couple will face the dark side of fame and the impact of social media in a high-tech play to the tune of Don Diablo, representing the musical director of the theatrical scene.

It is undoubtedly a futuristic crossover, based on the “Forever Young” concept. Developed by a first-class creative team, it includes music director Don Pepijn Schipper, a.k.a Don Diablo, Broadway star Anthony van Laast, and creative director Timor Steffens.

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