Dada Life: ready to release a track started in 2013

A very peculiar photo has appeared on Dada Life‘s social media. It is a folder containing an Ableton project dating back to 2013. It seems that the two Swedish artists are ready to release a track never finished until now.


What is most intriguing is precisely the period in which the track was conceived. In fact, 2013 was one of the years in which the EDM reached its peak. The most fruitful tracks of Dada Life‘s career also belong to that timeframe, such as “Feed The Dada,” “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker“, “Happy Violence,” and “Born To Rage.”

In the post, the duo explains how so far it has not been possible to release the track, which is tentatively titled “Rov Rave Kott.” Dada Life, however, are convinced that today, after eight years, that moment has arrived.

In 2020, the two artists founded Crash & Smile, their label, on which a handful of tracks has been released. They all share a common characteristic: the Future Rave sound. Does the project in the picture not contain a Future Rave track from the past? Waiting to find out, you can know the thoughts of EDM Lab on this new discographic trend.


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