Coca Cola launched a platform for EDM music

Coca-Cola is ready to bring us into a new world!

After acquiring the Dreamworld limited edition, you can scan the packaging with your smartphone and log in to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub. So you will unblock a series of music experiences for the occasion. Among them, there also is the collaboration with Tomorrowland.

DreamworldDreamworld” incorporates surrealist themes with technicolor pictures related to the landscapes and the sounds of the most popular festivals in the world.

According to a press statement, the company aims to “evoke the boundless creativity of the human imagination with the unique taste of Coca-Cola.” It addresses Gen Z.

It is not the first time Coca-Cola has gotten close to the EDM world. A few months ago, we discussed the Coca-Cola Limited Edition created in collaboration with Marshmello.


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