Twelve-year-old guy organizes a rave party in his school's bathroom

If you want to be a good DJ and stand out from the others, you have to start from scratch and do many apprenticeships undoubtedly. Keeping this in mind, it is what a twelve-year-old boy from Manchester did. In fact, he organized a full-blown rave party in the bathrooms of his school.

Cael BellInstead of swallowing chips and eating junk food, Cael Bell played an excellent DJ set in his school’s bathrooms during the lunch break. According to The Mirror report, this unusual DJ set has gone on for about thirty minutes. After that, the teachers of the Catholic school of Saint’Anthony raided the party and confiscated all the equipment of the young DJ.

The mother of the boy, Louise Bell, faced the accident by smiling and declaring: “Well, I started laughing. Has been a terrible year, I could not be angry with my son for trying to spread a little bit of fun“.

We are fully in agreement with Louise because, after all, we must remember that where the words cannot come, the music starts to speak.


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