Beatport: the new Dance/Electro Pop category

Big news on Beatport! The most known e-commerce of electronic music has modified its indexing method. The “Dance” category has benefited from this thanks to the creation of a new section. Named “Dance/ Electro Pop,” the original category is dedicated to tracks that mix pop and electronic influences.

Beatport is expanding the range of musical categories that are part of the Dance Music. It creates a new space for artists like Bob Moses, TOKiMONSTA, Elderbrook, and several contemporary artists identified between Electronica and Dance of the store.beatport

This expansion is originated from a progressive transformation that, in recent years, is shaping dance music as mainstream pop music. That is why it is becoming necessary to give advantages, with ever-increasing accuracy, to every genre and sub-genre, and its standout sounds, giving it proper space and exposure.


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