Armin Van Buuren and the documentary on “This is what it feels like”

Armin Van Buuren celebrates 10 years of his famous song “This is what it feels like” with a mini-documentary.

“This Is What It Feel Like” is still the most streamed Armin Van Buuren song today. The disc boasts the threshold of 263 million streams on Spotify alone. A goal that over the years has allowed the Trance King to collect his first Grammy nomination and his first platinum plate in the USA.

This is what it feels like In the 12-minute mini-documentary, many interesting backgrounds are shared on the development of the track released in 2012. For example, fans can see how a helicopter was used to film the performers, as drones weren’t as common as they are today. We can also sense the disagreement between the director’s idea  and that of Armin on the making of the video for the song.


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