Alesso tells how he realized One Last Time

Alesso shares what we need during this quarantine because of the Coronavirus flu. So, he decided to tell us how he created One Last Time, that we reviewed here.

On the artist’s social media accounts, indeed, Alesso explains “How to” create an EDM track like “One Last Time” in just 60 seconds.  

First of all, we need the right tools to create a base. Add some delay on the melody, a little bit of synthesizers… and a kick. Here is when things get hilarious: just hit the table violently with a stick… or only your fist! The final part is probably the most important: ask a friend with a nice voice to do and record the vocal. And that’s it, your EDM song is ready in 60 seconds!

Well, this seems a bit too easy. Here is the video. Enjoy!


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