10 minutes of mindfulness with Armin van Buuren

The life of DJs on tour is super stressful. It is well known. Performer’s dates are under everyone’s eyes and often tour the world.

Constantly on planes, buses, and cabs, the lack of relatives, families, and friends, together with a not-so-healthy lifestyle, are some of the not-so-positive aspects of the life of a superstar DJ. In the past, we had powerful examples of how this can bring to the point of non-return: Avicii. Finally, someone like Hardwell understood how a long break would have re-established the balance.

Someone that has performed and has been on the top of the world for over 25 years is Armin Van Buuren. Five times #1 DJ in the world, over 1000 episodes of his weekly radio show, an absolute superstar able to perform (also thanks to his fantastic team), performances that are true “journeys” in the world of music (often Trance music) and visuals.

He is definitely not a rookie.

Armin is focused on finding balance in his personal life and life as a performance, maybe because it is in his DNA or because excellent staff surrounds him. His music genre certainly helps by nature in achieving “mindfulness.

Today he is focused on 10 minutes of mindfulness.

A 10-minute routine to relax body and mind, to find a natural “balance” between two vital spaces: work and personal life.

In 2019 Armin released the album “Balance,” declaring his will to find the right balance between the two worlds. An album rich in exceptional tracks inspired by different episodes occurred to him. From the album, we must mention our beloved Therapy.

“Meditation, for me, is a moment for myself and a way for me to deal with the cloud In my head,” Armin van Buuren says. “Every day, I check in with myself. If I listen to my breath and just focus on my breathing, immediately my mind starts to wander. Now I understand that’s ok, and just let the thoughts be. I make a note in my head and bring my focus back on my breathing. That’s always my anchor. I wanted to share this with my fans, so I recorded this meditation for others to practice so that they, as well, may find balance.”

Armin van Buuren launches his 10 minutes of meditation, rigorously accompanied by the music produced by himself. A perfect journey is offered free of charge on this platform that only requires free registration to receive the content.

Enjoy your meditation! 



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